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Insight and Polycom Announce Partnership

Developed by Insight Systems Inc., the ZyrOSS Data Collector supports video- and audioconferencing Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) and Gateways marketed by Polycom Inc., a worldwide leader in broadband communication solutions.

A cross-platform, Java™-based application, the ZyrOSS Data Collector automatically queries Polycom Gateways and MCUs for usage data and then matches and collates the data in a format accessible to billing and cost-tracking systems.

Future ZyrOSS products will support other brand-name conferencing bridges. More product info

Ensure proper accounting of conferencing and billing activities
Provide cost justification for purchase of MCU and upgrades
Improve customer service with instant access to data
Enable billing for ad hoc conferences
Enable billing for actual usage
Increase billing revenue
Improve efficiency by automating CDR data management tasks


The ZyrOSS Data Collector supports Polycom MCUs and gateways.

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