Defining MCUs/Scheduling Data Collections

Important notes:

Warning: Licensed number of MCUs exceeded. No collections will occur until MCUs are removed or the license is increased. Contact ZyrOSS Sales or Support for a new license key.

This message occurs when you define an MCU while already at the limit your license allows. The Collector will let you define MCUs over your limit. However, none of the MCUs will be collected from while you are over your limit. Contact ZyrOSS Sales to purchase support for additional MCUs.

Before you can collect data from a Polycom MCU, you must define it in the ZyrOSS Data Collector:

  1. Click MCUs in the Main Navigation Menu to display the "MCU Definitions" page.

  2. On the "MCU Definitions" page, click Add. (Or, if you want to edit a previously defined MCU, select the MCU and click Edit.)

  3. On the "Add/Edit an MCU" page, provide the MCU Description, ID, IP Address, Port, User Name, and Password. See the table following these instructions for descriptions of these fields. If you do not have all the required information, consult your MCU/system administrator.

  4. Extract Customer ID: On the "Add/Edit an MCU" page, provide the method for harvesting the Customer ID at the Conference Level, the Participant Level, or both. See the Methods to Extract the Customer ID Value table below for descriptions of these fields.

  5. At the bottom of the page, schedule data collection for the MCU: On Demand, Continuously, Hourly, Daily, Monthly. (Keep in mind that an MCU holds only the last 500 conferences. You should revisit your collection schedule as your MCU usage patterns change.)

  6. Click the Commit button to add/revise the MCU definition. The MCU is now set to collect data as scheduled.  

MCU Information Required by the Collector



MCU Name

A user-defined identifier for the MCU that can be included in output files to identify the MCU a conference occurred on. If you are using the MCU Conference ID field (which is not unique across MCUs), you should use the MCU Name field as well and ensure that each MCU Name is unique. (See Field Definitions for more information on the fields you can include in outputs.)

MCU Description

This can be any text. It is used only for identifying MCUs on the "MCU Definitions" page.

IP Address:

This field should contain the IP address to access the MCU configuration from the server on which the Collector is installed. This should be the same addressed used by Polycom's MGC Manager software.

   MCU API Version

   MGC 2.2 (MGC Version 2 - 4), MGC 5.0+ (MGC Version 5 and above), RMX2.0 (RMX Version 2.0 and above)


IP Port used by MGC Manager, usually 5001 or 1205.

User Name

Login name for MCU.


Login password for MCU.


Methods to Extract the Customer ID Value




To extract the Customer ID from the Conference Level data, select to collect the Customer ID data, From MCU Billcode From Conference Name, From DTMF Billing Code, or From one of the Conference User Defined Fields From the Numeric ID From Conference Remarks. See the Method field description below.  


To extract the Customer ID from the Participant Level data, select to collect the Customer ID data, From Participant Name, or From DTMF Billing Code From one of the User Defined Participant Fields . See the Method field description below.


The Customer ID field can be;

The value of the entire field

The starting or ending alphanumeric value

The starting or ending numeric value

Any value enclosed in parenthesis or square brackets

NOTE: Alphanumeric values can ONLY contain the numbers 0 through 9 ,and alphabetic characters "a through z" and "A through Z". Any special characters will be considered a space that delimits the value.

Ex: Conference Level value using the Starting alphanumeric value in the Conference Name. In the conference name values below, "AAA9" will be the extracted Customer ID.

AAA9 Management conference

AAA9-Management conference

AAA9/management conference




For more information on data collection, see Understanding Collections & Outputs.