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ZyrOSS Screen Samples: Output Creation

Once the ZyrOSS Data Collector begins collecting MCU usage data, the data is synthesized and presented in output files according to the user's specifications. The definition of these files is a six-step process, described below. (Note: The exact appearance of each screen in the process depends on the selected formatting options.)

Format the output files: Select Delimited, Fixed Length, or XML format.
2 Select the content: Choose from four levels of data, including Conference, Participant, (Participant) Connection Total, and (Participant) Connection.
3 Customize the content: Select the fields to include and edit file names, column headings, and other options depending on file format.
4 Sequence the fields: Determine the order of the fields for each data level.
5 Determine the file destination: Local File, FTP, or HTTP Post.
6 Schedule generation of the output files: On Demand, Continuously, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.


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