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ZyrOSS V2.3 Enhancements

CDR Collection from the RMX 2000

ZyrOSS now collects the CDR from the Polycom RMX 2000 MCU

To properly setup the RMX bridge on the MCU Page, select the MCU API Version RMX 2.0. This will defallt the connection port to Port 80. The RMX has fewer CDR events than the MGC platform, so there is less data available.

New CDR fields collected

Several new fields are now being parsed from the CDR. The new fields are available via the Outputs facility, on the Interactive Conference Viewer (direct or via drill-down from other reports) and, in some cases, as selection criteria or printed report fields on other pre-defined reports.

Conference Level

  • Cascade Mode
  • Chair Control
  • Chair Password
  • Dial-In Locked Indicator
  • Encryption Indicator
  • End Cause Code (Numeric value for the conference End Cause)
  • Lecture Mode
  • Lecturer
  • Master Name (participant that acts as the link to the Master Conference)
  • Maximum Participants
  • Meet Me Per Conference Indicator
  • Minimum Participants

Participant Level

  • Bonding Mode
  • Bonding Phone Number (Dial Out bonding phone number)
  • Chairperson (Set by the Chairperson Joined the Conference event)
  • Encryption Indicator
  • H243 Password
  • H323 Alias Type
  • H323 Participant Alias Name (The H.323 participant alias name OR the SIP participant address)
  • Interface Type (Network interface type)
  • IP Address (Participant specified IP address)
  • Network Service Name
  • Participant Type (Defined / Undefined)
  • Recording Link Indicator

Connection Level

  • Bandwidth (IP Bandwidth)
  • Connection Protocol (IP Connection Protocol)
  • End Point Disconnection Cause Code (Numeric value for the disconnection end cause)
  • Local Sync Lost Counter
  • Local Video Sync Lost Counter
  • Remote Sync Lost Counter
  • Remote Video Sync Lost Counter
  • Net Number of Channels (Bonded B-Channels for the connection)
  • Video Protocol

Standard Reports Improvements

Conference Summary Report

Ability to add up to 4 fields to the report from a list of 29 fields.

Dissconnection Errors Report

Reports conferences and participant with disconnection errors. There is the standard drill-down to the conferences and to the participants for research.

New Participant CDR Detail Report

There is a 'CDR Detail' link at the bottom of the Participant View page. It will list the major CDR events for the participant. The report columns are Time, Event Description, Operator Login Name (If Available), and Conference ID for Participant Move? ? Events. The report was designed as research tool for the Connection Attempts Report, or the Disconnection Errors Report.

New Output Definition Options

Output files can now be generated for an MCU, as well as, for All MCU's

An option to quote any output field that contains the field delimiter character.

If you were to define an output with a comma field delimiter and a data field contained a comma, the field would be quoted in the output file. This is a checkbox option on the Output Format page.

Field Sizes Increased

Field sizes were increased in the embedded database, based on CDR field definitions in the Polycom V9 User Guide.

Restore Utility

The restore utility will restore a previous ZyrOSS backup file. The process will stop the ZyrOSS service, restore the ZyrOSS data, and restart the ZyrOSS service. The process is initiated by clicking on the backup file.

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