Solaris Installation with Virtual Machine Instructions:

Notes: (1) A Java virtual machine is included with this download. It will run automatically when you run the shell script. (2) It is recommended that you create a ZyrOSS user and install the product as that user in its home directory. It is not required that you run this product as the root user. (3) If you receive an error that reads, "Invocation of this Java Application has caused an InvocationTargetException" while starting the installer, the X server is not accepting your connection. Try logging into X as the user that will be running the Collector.

    1. Open a shell and cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer.
    2. At the prompt type: sh ./install.bin.
    3. Once the installation program begins, click the Next button to pass the Introduction.
    4. Once you have read the user license, click Yes to continue to installation. Then click Next.
    5. When prompted, select a directory in which to install the product and then click Next.
    6. When prompted, select a link (shortcut) location.
    7. Click Install to complete the installation.
    8. Once the installation program has completed, it will tell you about a script called to run as the root user. In your terminal, cd to the directory specified and su to root. Then run the script. It will attempt to install the startup scripts in the appropriate place, and it will tell you what it has done. Also, the script will tell you how to start the service.


Configuring the ports: The ZyrOSS Data Collector uses two ports. The web interface port defaults to 8280, and is used to access the configuration pages via a web browser. The control port defaults to 8289, and is used internally by the product. To change the ports, type porttool. With no options, the PortTool will prompt for the two ports. You can specify both ports as options on the command line, or enter -q to view the current ports and the URL used to access the output configuration pages. Note: The server must be restarted before the port change will take effect.

Starting the server: To start the ZyrOSS Data Collector server, type zyross_ec_an start at the prompt. The server must be running to perform collections or outputs.

Accessing the output configuration pages: To access the Data Collector configuration pages, open Netscape or Internet Explorer on any machine and enter the URL http://machinename:port where "machinename" is the name of the computer on which the product is installed, and "port" is the numeric port number entered for the web interface port in PortTool.

Stopping the server: To stop the ZyrOSS Data Collector server, type zyross_ec_an stop at the command line.