Windows with Virtual Machine Installation Instructions:

Notes: (1) You do not need to install any other software. A Java virtual machine is included with this download. (2) You must install this product as an administrator so that it can be run as a service.

Starting and stopping the server: The installer will automatically create a Windows NT/2000 service and start it. You can select Services from the Control Panel to verify that the service named "ZyrOSS Data Collector" is marked "Started." You may start and stop the Data Collector from this window, but under normal conditions, it should be left running.

Configuring the ports: If the Data Collector is not running and will not start, there may be a port conflict with another application. The Data Collector uses ports 8280 and 8289 by default, and no other application on the same computer can use the same ports. If you wish to use other ports for Data Collector, select the PortTool from the ZyrOSS programs folder (or wherever you chose to install shortcuts).You will be prompted for a web interface port and a control port. The new URL you need to enter in your web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) will appear; please take note of it. You will need to restart the service after changing the port.

Starting collections and configuring output: To begin collecting usage data and to configure data output, access the Data Collector configuration pages: select ZyrOSS Data Collector from the ZyrOSS program folder. If you have changed your web port from 8280, open Netscape or Internet Explorer and enter the URL http://machinename:port where "machinename" is the name of the computer on which the product is installed, and "port" is the numeric port number entered for the web interface port in PortTool.